Fix sort/order with post_title for international characters

If you want to list your posts and order them by title, that is as simple as:


But if you are using international characters and/or another alphabet the default database settings may mess things up for you.

In Sweden for example, the last the letters in the alphabet are Å, Ä, Ö. So accordingly, posts with titles starting with those letters should come last in an ascending list, but by default ‘Å’ and ‘Ä’ will be considered as ‘A’ and ‘Ö’ as ‘O’ .

But there’s an easy fix for this. Simply change the collation of the post_title column.

Execute the following SQL query. Remember to back up your database before, just to be safe!

ALTER TABLE wp_posts CHANGE post_title post_title TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_swedish_ci;

This will give your post_title column a Swedish collation, so please change to your desired collation.


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4 comments on “Fix sort/order with post_title for international characters
  1. Emil says:

    Bra att du tar upp det här problemet. För mig uppstår det när jag vill visa en länklista i bokstavsordning, med hjälp av WP-Render-Blogroll-Links.

    Kan du berätta vart man ska göra det du föreslår här ovan, för mig som inte är så hi på kodning…

  2. Vincent says:

    Hi Emil,

    As I mention in the post you have to alter the database table to make it work. The easiest way to this this is with an MySQL client or perhaps PhpMyAdmin. But you could also do it with code.

    But if you’re not an experienced programmer I would recommend using an MySQL client. There you could execute the query right away, or simply change the table settings through the interface.

  3. Anonymous says:

    […] fix, vet ikke om den funker 100%? Fix sort/order with post_title for international characters | WordPress Quick Tips __________________ Webdesign – logodesign – grafisk design – art direction & […]

  4. Rick says:

    Thanks for this. Solved my problems.

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