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Modifying the billing and shipping fields in Jigoshop

I recently discovered Jigoshop. A very nice, lightweight and well coded e-Commerce plugin for WordPress. After some experimenting I found that the checkout and it’s fields for billing and shipping information where defined in the code and could not be

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Simple “Catch URI” function

This function is vaguely inspired by the function bp_core_set_uri_globals from BuddyPress. I use it often for more advanced plugins and themes. With it I can check which URL is being viewed and perform actions depending on the url. This functions

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Which variables are available in your template files?

When you are coding a theme you usually edit standard files such as index.php, single.php, page.php and so on. In these files you might have noticed that some variables are available even though you have not declared them. Such a

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Create a custom menu by creating your own Walker

Alright, so I usually use wp_list_pages to create my menus. This usually works pretty well, but every now and then a project comes along that requires more than the functionality provided by the wp_list_pages function. So maybe you want a

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