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Remove all “missing” files from a SVN working copy

After upgrading a local installation of WordPress subversion started complaining about missing files, that were deleted during the upgrade. Since there were a lot of files I searched for an easy way to delete all the missing files at once,

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Automaticly upgrade your local WordPress installation

This will only work with Mac OS X and Apache. I have many WordPress installations locally. All of which grows outdated as time flies by. Normally I don’t worry about it since the live version is easily upgraded with WordPress

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Google Charts?

Google Charts in WordPress? Hmm, maybe!

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Never use PHP short tags for WordPress development

Today while working on a project where we had collaborated with freelance developers I noticed that some pages weren’t looking as they should. A quick glance at the code revealed that the developer was using “short tags” to include the

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Make .htaccess and other hidden files appear in the Finder

When developing in a Mac OS X environment you quite often find yourself wondering why some files doesn’t show up in Finder. If you’re developing for WordPress, you might wonder where your .htaccess file is. This is because Mac OS

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