Custom CSS class for your menu items

When using the wp_list_pages function in WordPress you get a generated list of your WordPress pages.

To be able to style them, the items get several CSS classes.


<li class="page_item page-item-2"><a title="About" href="">About</a></li>

These classes work in most cases, but in thoose cases they don’t you can change the class by using the filter page_css_class.

The function accepts two arguments, $css_class and $page. The first is an array of all the CSS classes and the second is a Post object.

Working example:

function menu_css_class($css_class, $page){
 $new_class[] = "m-" . $page->post_name;

 if(in_array("current_page_item", $css_class))
 $new_class[] = " m-" . $page->post_name . "-sel";

 return $new_class;
add_filter("page_css_class", "menu_css_class", 10, 2);

In this function I check if the current array contains the default “selected class”. If so, I add a second CSS class to the new array I’ve created. This is just a quick way to check if an item is selected, but it’s not very fool proof.

Already added to the array is a CSS class that will look something like “m-the-post-slug”.

Return the array and you’re done!


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